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Most people tend to seek therapy because they feel like they are falling short in some way: “I am not good enough”, “Something is not right.” They want feel full filled, connected, and alive. Psychotherapy is an opportunity to awaken the possibilities that are within you ~ to move beyond the stagnant and “stuck” places and to connect with places that you really love in yourself. In a compassionate safe environment, you will find new ways of being in relationship with yourself and others that will foster sense of competence, balance, and ease. In working with you, I will consider all aspects of your life. I encourage clients to approach their challenges from multiple perspectives ~ emotional, physical, interpersonal, and creative.


The average teenager gains 50 pounds and grows a foot in four to five years. You can imagine the amount of internal and external change they encounter as a teenager. Even though he or she may look mature, we know that part of the brain acts as the policeman (and helps a teenager plan ahead and resist impulses) does not reach full development until their mid 20s.

Parenting a teenager is a perplexing and demanding job. As parents you are constantly finding the balance between cutting your teenager some slack and not leaving them stranded. The only thing even more confusing than parenting a teenager is being a teenager. Teenagers are trying assert their independence and explore their limits, but they still very much in need of your support and protection.

In my work with teenagers, I focus on helping them build a sense of themselves that is rooted in their being rather than in their accomplishments. Although many teens look just "fine" on the outside, they often struggle with the ever increasing demands of their lives. A healthy self-concept will buffer against depression, anxiety, loss, failure, and stress, now and later in life.