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I have worked with women encountering the emotional, mental, physical and social ramifications of a cancer diagnosis at the Wellness Community in Pasadena and at the Art for Recovery Program at Mount Zion Hospital. In addition to my clinical experience, I worked at Department of Psychiatry at Stanford University as a project director of a pilot study investigating the benefits of support groups for women who have been diagnosed with cancer. My dissertation was also on cancer survivors.

In my work with cancer survivors over the years, I have been struck by the huge disconnect between the healing and the treatment aspects of the cancer experience. So often cancer survivors are confronted with the split between what doctors, culture and family deem reality (“You are fine now”) and you know to be true (“I have endured dramatic changes and I am not sure what to do now”).

There seems to be little understanding of the healing process that follows treatment. Many women feel totally alone when picking up the pieces. Sexuality and body image concerns are hard issues to talk about, and the whole cancer experience tends to illicit a host of thoughts and feelings that are unique for every woman. As a psychotherapist, I am committed to providing an accepting, thoughtful, and open environment to discuss whatever you wish.

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